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Guadalajara is one of the largest, friendliest and most beautiful cities in all of Mexico. It is known to be untouched by commercialism and tourism therefore the atmosphere is very traditional. The conventional aspects make the city a perfect place to learn Spanish. Engaging in the culture through the exploration of some of our monumental city sites can make the learning process more fruitful. The historical downtown area which is comprised of many 16th century colonial style buildings can easily become like a classroom in and of itself. It is easy to be impressed by the majesty of the Cathedral, the elegance of the Degollado Theater, and the beauty of the city's fountains.

IMAC Spanish Language Programs prides itself on having one of the best immersion programs. Learning Spanish in Guadalajara is undoubtedly a complete immersion practice inside and outside the classroom. Nestled in the heart of Guadalajara; students are surrounded by the excitingly rich cultural and traditional aspects of Mexico. Our immersion students flourish here because we place tremendous value upon accomplishment to increase communication skills.

Guadalajara is the perfect destination for visitors wanting a true taste of the traditional Mexican culture. The location of the city also makes it easy to explore the coastal areas of this wonderful climate because you won't have to go far to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo or Lake Chapala. You can practice your new language skills with the friendly local people you encounter along your journey.

A total immersion program entails full contact with Spanish speaking people which will take place not only in your classroom but also in your homestay program, your excursions, and your independent activities.

Guadalajara's unique style of small town charm and booming business atmosphere make it the perfect place to live, play, work and study. The city is an interesting blend of a colonial historic past with modern development making your quest to learn Spanish a rewarding and pleasant discovery. The Cathedral, government buildings, and expansive plazas of the city center stand as impressive remnants of Mexico's colonial heritage. Located in the heart of the city is Plaza Tapatia where hours of pleasant strolling amidst bridal shops, fountains, and restaurants can be leisurely places to learn and discover.

Guadalajara is called the “city of roses” within the Mexican culture because of its unmatched beauty. It is a metropolis that is easily explored through walking and is safe and secure. There are many Mexican pass times to take part in while staying here. The number one passions of most people in the city are the futbol or soccer matches. Attending a real bullfight is also a very traditional entertainment or you can be treated to the expertise of a Charro cowboy as he shows off his roping or bronco riding skills.

As a large city, Guadalajara offers many treasures that definitely represent opportunities for you to learn Spanish. Upon completion of the program you will take with you some inspiring lasting impressions and polished Spanish language skills. Click here to Contact Us! We will be glad to provide you with any information you may need! (Fees, homestay, course, etc.).

Taking Spanish lessons is the smart thing to do. Taking Spanish lessons at IMAC Spanish Language programs is smart, cost saving, and lots of fun!

We count with over forty years of experience:

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    Charles Renois
    March 2014

    "Spanish program very good, excursions very good. Workers of school very nice and helpful to me especially the coordinator"

    Roman Rozwadowski.
    March 2014

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